Monday, June 27, 2011

Some funny things my 3-year old has said

The following list covers the time period from when my kid (D) was 2 and a half to 3 years and 1 month old:


Me: D. can you please stop talking and go to sleep now?
D: No, I cannot.
Me: why not? Just try.
D: No, my batteries are not all gone yet. A little later maybe...

Where does he get this stuff from?

D playing catch with his dad throws the ball randomly.
Dad: Where are you throwing the ball? You need to throw it to me...
D: No, i throwing it to God, maybe he will catch it and play with me.

And then, he laughs knowing that he was making it up...

Song: Govind jay jay, Gopaal jay jay
D: good bye to jay jay, good night to jay jay.
Me: it says Govind, another name for Krishna.
D: no it is saying good bye to Jay so that he goes to sleep.

D: "When me was a baby, me eat, poop, pee, and sleep...again and again all the time, right mommy?"
Me: Yes, now you need to go to sleep.
D: because me already done errthing else?
Me: yes, good night.
Happy 3rd birthday dearest D! You've brought innocent humor back in our lives!

"When I grow up, me want to hop into my own trash truck and drive to errbody's house and collect trash from big bins. Mommy, will you come with me?"
I was least he has a plan B!!

Me: It's bedtime. Talk inside your mind now.
D: Mommy not hear me if I talk inside.
Me: That's actually why I want you to talk inside your mind.
(D cocks his head to the side, finger on lip thinking)
A few seconds later ...
D: No, me think me do all talking outside mind only. Mommy sleep later.

Me: D, wake me up when the alarm goes off.
D: ok mommy, me wake up you when alarm goes on. Beep beep
Me: ok, thank you
(a minute later)
D: mommy, hear the clock? Tick tock tick tock? Need no alarm. Hear clock and wake up.
(Sigh! And this was at night in the attempt to get him to sleep)

D: why lights on shop people? It's not night time anymore. Turn on again after sun is gone.

Dad: (showing flashcard) what number is this?
D: this one
Dad: yes, but what is it?
D: a number
Dad: but which number?
D: this one
Etc. Etc.
Darned kids & flashcards!!

D: go Costco.
Dad : why?
D: Need new butt
Dad : Why? Costco doesn't sell butts.
D: Yes, they got butt at Costco. My itches.
Dad : No, you just need to go potty, not Costco.
D: OK, walmart. Need new butt!

So, with that - here's to hoping that Costco never sells butts! Happy New Year, y'all.

D: Go away, Mom.
Me: That's very rude, D.
D: Okay. Please, go away!
(slightly edited version)
And the revenge so many want to take from me, begins!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mother's Day Couplet

Just found this:

You've frustrated her to a point where she cannot even scold you any more,
You've stunned her to a point where no words would complete her thoughts,
You've moved her to a point where her tears took over her smiles,
And yet she's loved you to a point that nobody else on Earth ever did or will.
Wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day, especially your own today!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day couplet

We have fought with him, & at times we have been mad,
He has been loving & forgiving even when we're bad.
Everything that we could do to hurt him we've probably done,
And yet through it all, he's stood by us, second to none.
He's the first man we have have learned to love,
He's treated us with the tender care one gives a dove.
Let's recognize the man who's meant so much
Father's day is after all another day as such!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The kindergarten graduation poem I wrote...

Graduating Class of 2011
Pre-School Class at Morning Star Montessori

In a land full of sunshine
That seems so far away,
You will find an older you,
Who turns around to say.

"Smile a smile all the time,
And hug a friend today,
When you are here where I am now
You will remember this day.

"All the teachers that loved you
And family members too,
Are wishing you the best of luck
Today and forever,
For everything you ever can, will, or want to do!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A poem I have to write...

The Unborn Female!
Female foeticide in India

I am talking to you, as a girl not of this Earth,
You see my parents killed me well before birth.
If one child is all they could afford to keep,
Perhaps they should have thought it through before,
And not put me in a permanent sleep!

A culture that claims that power and energy are female,
Surely they can see the error in choosing only male!
"A son will support us when we are old."
When I plead to ask the reason for my death,
Carelessly and callously, that's what I am told.

Look around you, people and tell me what you see,
A woman can't do much, is now history.
O mother, you are educated and informed,
How can you not see?
Getting rid of a miniature-you is a big blasphemy!

Yes, I am angry, at never having a fair shot,
The minute you found out my gender, rejection is all I got.
Did you stop to think before you aborted me,
That I was completely helpless and dependent,
And alive with all my limbs and heart and brain, you see?

"It's just a fetus that will feel nothing," you kept chanting,
I was a full 19 weeks old and could hear you canting.
When you went to the doctor to get the deed done,
I was fighting for my life and wondering
"Would she be doing this, if I was a son?"

I write this today to let the world know,
Us unborn daughters have a desire to show,
The unfairness with which we were treated.
So that shameless murderers do not go unpunished
Just because we have been muted.

Even animals in the wild realize it's best,
To let nature determine what is good for the rest,
Males and females born in equal proportion,
Is the only way to sustain the population!

If I could have only one wish that I could ask for
No, it would not be to be born anymore,
I wish a wish with all my heart and soul,
May such murderers never have another child,
Let my death weigh heavily on their soul!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

So, been a while since i posted anything on here. Not a lot going on except Holidays and work and recovering from them! LOL. 

Given that the New Year starting tomorrow is 2011 (Thank you for reminding of this, Uncle E.) it seems like a perfect Factor of 3 moment since 2010 (2+1=3) is ending. I didn't get all main the numbers done, like i had wished to do. However, i hope to have more time to do this in the coming year. 

I do have a new idea for what i want to blog about in my posts for the next year, though. I would like to post 10 words every day from the Webster's New World Dictionary. However, i am not going to go merely in alphabetical order. I am going to start with 2/3-letter words first, then move up to 4-letter words, and so on. The hope is to make sure that D. has a list that he can refer to as soon as he starts reading, which he can use to expand his spelling/grammar/linguistic abilities. A major bonus would be if he starts playing Scrabble with me ASAP!! But he is only 2.5 years i guess it will take a while!!

Therefore, I hope to write more often this year!! Have a great New Year!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 is just infinity...

I have been thinking about writing this blog since my brother's 30th birthday, which was on October 30th! Eventhough the date this year 10/30/2010 adds up to 7, his name starts with "H" - the 8th letter of the alphabet. So here are some interesting facts about 8 that i know of. I am sure that googling "the number 8" will result in more interesting information for those of you that want to pursue it.

In my view, the number 8 is a feminine number. It represents fullness and ever since i have seen the "goddess of fertility" statues found from ancient civilizations, my association of 8 with fertility has increased all the more. It is interesting to note that the total number of weeks of pregnancy (typically, 40 weeks) is cut down to waiting time of about 8 months from the time a lady realizes that she is expecting. In the spirit of fun and the upcoming winter though, i am representing a snowman using the 8 as shown below.
If you remember from a previous blog entry, i associate the number 8 with the color Orange. Orange as a color represents courage and bravery in the Indian culture. At what point does 8 come to represent bravery therefore, is indeed an interesting question - one that i am still contemplating. I believe that it takes a special type of bravery in being the "hand that rocks the cradle..." (HUGE shout out to all my female friends out there, whether you are mothers or not!). Recently a friend commented on his Facebook status - "why are decaf coffee containers always Orange?" - a fact that i had not really noticed until i read his post. I really wanted to write "because it takes much courage to drink just that!!"

Now to move on to the characteristics of 8. It is the first cube occurring in the number series (other than the obvious 1) since 2 to the power three results in 8. It is also a number that if you lay on its side, becomes infinity! The factors of 8 are 1, 2, 4, and 8. But the interesting journey of 8 begins with recognizing whether a number is divisible by 8 or not. If you remember, if the last two digits of a number are divisible by 4, the whole number is divisible by 4. In the case of 8 it is a little more complicated because one has to check the last three digits of the number. If the last three digits of a number are divisible by 8, then the entire number is divisible by 8. I guess the lesson to be learned here is that there is no real shortcut method to check for divisibility by 8 except to divide a number by 2 three consecutive times. 

After the Octomom event last year and "Jon & Kate plus 8" debacle, i believe that people are more familiar with the fact that "Octa" represents 8. An interesting fact on the word "october" - prior to the rearrangement of the year done by Augustus Caesar (note that he denoted his birth month as the 8th month), October was the 8th month in the Roman calendar. The astrological star sign of Scorpio is still the 8th sign in the Zodiac. According to the new planetary rules, the total number of planets around the Sun is also 8 (sob! sob! Poor Pluto) which is ironical since Pluto is considered to be the ruling planet for Scorpios!! 

While most of us are very comfortable with drawing hexagons, octagons are actually more symmetrical and we are more used to seeing them than we realize...think of STOP signs!

Anyways, the child unit is calling out for attention so I need to get going...but here is a thought i would like to leave you with - numerological analysis has demonstrated that people are born on the dates adding up 4 or 8  (4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26) tend to have major life events occur on those dates or at those ages (and ages that add up to a 4 or 8)... If you are one of these people, please let me know if this holds true for you...

Until tomorrow or later...ADIOS!